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Cancer Institute NSW

Senior Designer

Adelphi Digital

A complete redesign of Cancer Institute NSW’s website with the objective to consolidate all of the information available and organise it and design pathways around it that are easy to follow and understand, for both patients and medical professionals. The redesign was also intended to reaffirm Cancer Institute as trusted, local and reliable institute that empowers patients, their caregivers and medical professionals.

Some of the main goals were to achieve navigation through all the information available in an intuitive and easy to follow manner, to provide content in a way that is understandable by all and which is relevant and needed by all users of the site. Another important goal of the redesign was to incorporate their brand identity to the new site and align it with their other websites like CanRefer and eviQ.

Following the user research done by our UX team, I produced the initial wireframes for the site. From there, the design meetings and workshops with the client provided me with information to move forward with the visual design phase. I focused on creating a contemporary visual look, clear content hierarchy and layout by focusing on the typography and iconography throughout the site. The design phase was quite iterative as I was involved in weekly meetings with the client where I worked together with stakeholders on the progress and direction of the design. I created the design principles and visual language for the website. As part of this process I would sketch, test, design, iterate and work with the developers to deliver these features.




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