Premium Graduate

Senior Designer

Premium Graduate is the leading Student and Graduate Employability Training Provider in Australia. They wanted a redesign of their website as they were not happy and not getting the results they wanted with their old site.

The new site had to greatly improve the user experience and provide modern and relevant visual design. The biggest pain point with the old design and UX of the website was the lack of clear and concise overview and context of what the website was about. It lacked structure and hierarchy of the information on the website and most of the content was hidden and hard to reach.

I tried to make sure the homepage had an easy flow to it yet still having separate sections pertaining to specific content related to each section. The layout of the site is tailored for each piece of content / section to make sure it gets the best use out of it. The design is made to look modern, trendy and up to date but not to an extent that will look out of fashion in a year or two. What facilitates this is the use of typography, negative/white space to bring focus to the information and free flow of the page without creating stark differences. This is intended to initiate the user to freely scroll and explore the homepage. Above the fold is the information that at a glance communicates who PGP is and what is it they do. It houses key selling points of who the are and why students should come to them.


This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

Please upgrade today!