SafeWork (2017)


Senior Designer


As there is little mass communications activity around work health and safety in NSW, people are taking and tolerating risks in their workplace on a daily basis. The campaign website’s objectives were to improve the safety culture in NSW, build mass awareness of the importance of adopting safe practices in the workplace and to prompt people to take active measures to protect themselves and others.¬†

The website had to match the visual look of the state wide print and TV campaign but also provide information and tools to users they would be able to access and use online. One of these is the online¬†Safety Promise tool which offers the opportunity to all organisations in NSW to take a pledge which would improve the health and safety of their workers within their workplace. Each organisation that completes the “Promise” receives a certificate and campaign materials such as posters and brochures which they can then use to educate their workers and improve the safety of their workplace. They also get listed on the website where others can read their safety promise and browse through all organisations who have participated. The website is also intended to drive traffic to the Safe by SafeWork mobile app that was designed as a part of the campaign to help people report and manage work related hazards.


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